My Story

My name is Christian Elbert. I am a classically trained boat builder. I earned my associates degree in occupational woodworking for the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in the Pacific Northwest town of Port Townsend. Suffice to say I know carpentry. 

I moved back to the area in 2011 to be close to my wife's parents, as we had 2 small children and wanted to be closer to family. We live directly across the street from my in-laws. As we have all grown a little older, I have been available to help with things around the house that Grandma and Grandpa are no longer capable of doing. I new ceiling fan here, hanging a painting there, replacing all of the drawer/cabinet pulls in the entire kitchen, etc.

It occurred to me that my in-laws are part of a growing demographic that may, on occasion, need a helping hand. I understand this demographic may not have a son-in-law conveniently parked across the street. Hence, the Absent Son-in-Law handyman service was born. 

I am available, by appointment, to address basic home maintenance. I also do small scale kitchen/bath and interior remodeling.

If you are absent a "son-in-law" contact me: